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Featuring many configurations and versatile accessories, our shelving can be tailored to individual customer specifications according to requirements. Please contact Storage Solutions C.I. prior to commencement of project for our advice and recommendations.

S T A T I C- S H E L V I N G

Static Shelving from Storage Solutions C.I. has great versatility for a wide range of storage requirements, from single shelving units to multi-level parts stores.

This modular, fully adjustable metric system is designed and manufactured to high quality standards by leading manufacturers of storage systems.

Quality design and manufacture makes our shelving easy to assemble and adjust. The unique shelf support clips are simply slotted into place, securing the shelves whilst allowing for re-positioning to cater for future changes in stock type and size.

Unlike some shelving systems, there is no need to worry about our shelving's ability to cope with even the heaviest items.

Available in a choice of attractive colour finishes, this type of static shelving will improve not only the appearance but also the efficiency of any working environment.

Frames and shelves are available in 3 duties – to master even the heaviest loads. Static Shelving is available open backed or clad to suit customers' requirements. A choice of versatile accessories offer even greater versatility.

Example applications

Two-tier shelving
At a stores depot. Doubling storage space and maximising the usage of building height.

L O N G S P A N- S H E L V I N G

A comprehensive range of pre-fabricated frames and beams to accommodate a wide range of loading requirements.

Easily assembled
The Longspan Shelving just clips together, allowing quick installation and beam adjustment.

Shelving materials can be supplied to meet specific requirements – choose from galvanised steel panels, galvanised corrugated steel panels, chipboard or timber.

Proven quality
This kind of Longspan Shelving is designed and manufactured to exacting British and International Quality Standards: BS5750 Part 1: 1987, incorporating the International ISO 9000 series and the European Standard Euro NORM 9001, as well as the NATO Standard AQAP4. The system offers durability, strength and reliability, whatever the application.

Need to store bulky or heavy items?
The heavyweight answer is Longspan Shelving
Whether you require just one or two bays of ready-to-order shelving or larger schemes such as a crane swept picking installation, Longspan is the solution.

The Longspan Shelving System is so simple to assemble, beams simply clip into place, quickly installed and easily adjusted. Locking clips help prevent accidental dislodgement.

From Strength to Strength - Beams for all applications
Beams are available to meet all loading requirements from medium to extra heavy duty applications. Stepped beams, produced using the latest manufacturing techniques, greatly enhance the already considerable loading capabilities and versatility of Longspan Shelving.

M O B I L E- S H E L V I N G

When storage needs outgrow available space, the problem is usually tackled with a move to larger premises, an expensive option. But there is an alternative. You can increase storage efficiency with a Mobile Shelving System. This can save you money, boost your efficiency and improve your working environment.

By mounting the shelving units on mobile bases which run on tracks set into the floor or low profile floor mounted, the shelving units can be opened or closed when required, making it possible to make one aisle do the work of many. Manually operated or power assisted systems are available in either side to side or push pull options to suit your needs.

Only one aisle is required to provide access to all shelf locations. The
system fully utilises the full height, width and depth - allowing you to maximise storage in the space available. If you do not need additional storage capacity, you may well be able to free-up space for other purposes. The closed aisles also bring security to the items stored.

We offer the widest range of chassis and track options, allowing you to select the most costeffective solution for your storage problem, from a simple lightweight drive wheel system to a sophisticated electrically powered shelving or pallet handling system. Cladding, floor finishes and carpets can be matched to the style of your premises.

Choice of operation
By hand
The complete storage unit and chassis is moved along floor mounted tracks, using a handle. This system is simple and requires minimal maintenance.

By drive wheel
The centrally positioned wheel drives the shelving unit, offering positive and smooth movement with the minimum of physical effort. This system is safe, secure, compact and ideal for constant use.

By electric motor
When hand or drive wheel assisted systems are unsuitable for the weight to be moved electric power is the answer. Movement at the push of a button provides positive, smooth and even operation.

Please contact Storage Solutions C.I. for more information on how shelving can work for you.